What is korfball?

Korfball is a non-contact mixed gender team sport, originating from The Netherlands, played by teams of eight players – four women and four men.  The game blends parts of netball, basketball and handball, with the aim of the game being to shoot the ball through a plastic basket (the korf) that is 3.5m above the ground.  Players alternate between attacking and defending, and there are no set positions, giving everyone the chance to be involved in all aspects of the game.

No expensive equipment is required to play the game (just normal gym kit is required), so why not come along and try out korfball with Manchester Hawks!

To give you a taster, here’s a video for the club made by our friends over at Orfi Active:


Here’s a video of our 1st team in action during the 2018/19 season:

And going further back, here’s our old promotional video from 2017!

… And going even further back, here is an old video of our 2nd team (white shirts) in action, courtesy of our friends at Lancaster University Korfball Club.