St. Andrews and Dundee, 2018

On a dreary Friday evening, two car loads of excited Hawks headed North for what was promised to be a fun, sunny weekend. Both cars arrived before midnight this time (I wasn’t driving), although Jay learned a very valuable lesson. Don’t spend half the journey moaning about how much you hate your car otherwise your car’s sat-nav will drive you down a narrow country lane which you then have to carefully reverse out of avoiding the trees and bushes. Car-ma! (Charlotte, 2018). Caravan found, we were treated to George’s fluorescent flippers he was to wear the following day. Luckily he was wearing sunglasses.

The weather was beautiful the day after and both Hawks teams played brilliantly finishing 13th and 15th. George ‘Bad Boy 93’ Hirst had the last laugh, showing that his fluorescent flippers were the perfect beachwear, scoring shots from downtown and running his guys. Sal gained the nickname ‘Korf Dad’, organising both Hawks and Old Boys reffing commitments, team selections and cheering everyone on from the sidelines.

Colin gained yet another korfball injury, this time his pinkie, which was strapped up for the two days. Highlights included beating Lancs Uni 7-2 in an 8 minute game, devastating doughnut drops, sea splashing, ice-cream eating, red faces and finding sand everywhere. The night was spent eating pizza, losing then finding my phone (thanks Biene), seeing Sal getting more annoyed as he watched Liverpool’s Champions League title hopes slipping through their fingers (secret Liverpool fan) and spending the night in the Students Union.

Dundee Day promised to be another glorious day and with Mavericks not attending, Sal assured us that we would finish highly. No pressure there then! Sal got a bit confused mistaking horses in the fields for ‘horse statues’ but not as bad as me mistaking cows for horses later in the day.  Hawks played brilliantly in the morning session, gaining a top half finish with the help of some Lancs Uni Old Boys players. Charlotte having started the morning strongly, unfortunately injured her ankle and spent the day on the sidelines cheering the team on. The Hawks momentum continued into the afternoon and lost the semi-final match by 1 goal to Strathclyde, landing us in 4th place. Ice-cream and a chippy tea on the banks of the River Tay was the perfect way to spend the evening.

Bank Holiday Monday was spent eating lunch over Loch Lomond. A fantastic way to spend our last day in Scotland. Fun fact for you all – Loch Lomond is deeper than the North Sea (though Amy calls bull****) and is the largest body of freshwater in Britain. You never know when you might need that in a pub quiz!
Thanks to Colin and Jay for driving, Biene for cheerleading and to Sal for organising us. Top Bants.