St. Andrews and Dundee, 2017

On May 19th, we sent a team of Hawks north of the border to take on both the St Andrews beach tournament and Dundee Korfball Club’s summer tournament. Some of us made it to Scotland with no issues and had a nice day walking round St Andrews. Others, however, managed to make an adventure out of the journey and spent over 8 hours travelling. Can’t forget the accidental tyre deflation before even setting off too.

Saturday saw two Hawks teams enter the beach tournament on a particularly miserable day. Mixed group stage results for both teams meant they dropped into the Plate. A lengthy rain delay after the group games (almost resulting in the tournament being cancelled) hurt the momentum of Hawks 1 as they were just beginning to find their stride. Consecutive penalty shootouts in the placing games left Hawks 1 in 15th place. Hawks 2 battled on through the rain and made it to the Plate final, narrowly losing out in a 2-1 defeat to Lancaster Uni Alumni and finishing in 10th place. Despite the weather, we all had a great day in the end and celebrated with pizza and a night out.

Sunday saw the two teams come together for an outdoor tournament in Dundee. A slow start to the day saw Hawks draw our first game 1-1 with Saints Alumni, and lose 3-2 to GlasClyde. With a break between games, we went over to support Yunguns (Dundee’s youth team and the youngest team in Scotland) take on Edinburgh Mavericks A, the reigning champions for the last two years. We were really impressed by the ability of a number of the Yunguns team – we should definitely get them to join us if they move down in the coming years.

Hawks bounced back strongly in our next two games with a 5-1 win over Dundee Dugongs, and a 5-0 win over Sinners (one of the many St Andrews Uni teams). After these wins, it was our turn to take on the eventual tournament winners, Mavs A. Despite the fantastic support of the Yunguns we were unable to overcome the power of Mavs and lost out 6-2. We followed this up with a relaxed game against the Yunguns, taking a 3-0 win – and only getting one injury in the process.

Our final game was a placing game against Dundee Dragons with 5th place up for grabs. A close game in the pouring rain ended in a 4-4 draw and a penalty shootout. We won 2-1 on penalties, with Jay Patel scoring the winner to secure 5th place.

Overall, a great weekend had by all and we look forward to taking part again next year.