Delft 2016

Rather than going to Atilla as in other years, we thought we’d try somewhere different for an international korfball experience.  The Delft tournament (because we don’t know how to pronounce/spell the actual name) didn’t disappoint.

After spending the day exploring the area, enjoying beer and sunshine, we braved the party tent. Although fun was had, we agreed we would better prepare ourselves alcohol-wise for the Dutch taste in music the following night, and retired at a reasonable hour.

The sunshine never made an appearance, but Korf day 1 saw us off to a decent start…we weren’t thrashed at least, and we won one! After plenty of pre-fun at the frat house, twister and game of paranoia (should become a regular), we were definitely ready for the party tent. Fun was had, and Helen got up on stage! (although we missed it).

Next was hangover day and more exploring of Delft. After a BBQ (with questionably-coloured burgers) I can’t remember what happened…more party tent?

Korf day 2 was a somewhat more laidback affair (I’d never seen seated korfball before), but it seemed that us Brits (and German) were better at coping with hangovers than the Dutch, and even won some (?), smashing our first match 6-2. Except one where Amy played as a boy and together with Stu were against the two actual tallest men in the world.

These things may not have happened in this order.

Anyway, as Stu correctly declared on the plane home:

“best korfball trip everrrrrr”.

We leave you with this party tent classic: