Birmingham University Development Tournament 2017

With the invite to the Birmingham development tournament, we aimed to send a newish team to this one, although it didn’t quite work out that way (no thanks to Colin sleeping through his alarm!). Those that were new/relatively new did benefit though!
With the help of a couple of Bucks-borrowed girls, Hawks only went and won! Woo!

vs Bucks Royals W 4-2
vs Sheffield Uni W 2-1
vs Warwick Uni W 6-2
vs Nottingham Uni W 5-3
vs Birmingham Uni (Dev) W 4-1
vs Birmingham Uni L 3-2

Jay 7, Amy 5, Bruce 4, Rob 3, Sarah 1, Daniel 1 (Others 2)

Pound shop (do we even have a trophy cabinet?!)

Broken men:

Hopefully everyone had a good time.