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Hawks travel across the country and across Europe throughout the year in order to get some korfball action!

Our tournament sec organises Hawks teams to appear at various tournaments during the season and the summer. We regularly attend tournaments like Edinburgh, Castle and St Andrews as well as beginner tournements like the ones held by Lancaster Uni and Sheffield Uni. We encourage the whole club to get involved and come along!

International tournaments have included Stockholm, Delft and Attila in the Netherlands and Nitra in Slovakia. We’re always on the lookout for new ones to enter!


Previous tournament reports:

Leicester, 2018
Nitra, Slovakia, 2018
Castle, 2018
St. Andrews and Dundee, 2018

Stockholm, 2017
St. Andrews and Dundee, 2017
Birmingham Uni Development Tournament, 2017
Manchester Uni, 2017
Leeds Uni, 2017
Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament, 2017
Storm in a Teacup, 2016
Delft, 2016