Sheffield beginner tournament 2018

A small but intrepid band of Hawks set off from Parrs Wood in the early hours of Saturday morning, heading for the dark side of the Pennines and the Sheffield University tournament. With only four boys and one girl in our squad we had to do some sweet talking of the other teams to make up our numbers. Mark worked his magic and found us two girls from Man Uni and one from Sheffield for our first game against Sheffield Uni 2. We got off to a good start with a 1-0 win. Admittedly the goal came from one of our guests but it was our first team captain’s sister, so that counts, right?

Next up it was Man Uni themselves, with Hallam Uni providing our girls this time as we fought out a 1-1 draw. Another 1-1 draw against Birmingham Uni followed, leaving us unbeaten throughout the morning, but the two draws meant we were only third in the group and in the bottom half for the afternoon.

Goals were in short supply in the first three games but Hawks’ relentless attacking and great collecting finally came good with a 3-0 win over Leeds Uni. We then had to give Hallam their girls back as we played them next, Man Uni coming to our rescue again but to no avail this time as a lucky rebound gave Hallam the only goal of the game and our first defeat.

After Dani and John represented Hawks in the charity exhibition match, we faced Sheffield Uni 1 in our last game of the day, the 11th/12th play off. Sadly it was a game too far as we went down 5-1 and finished the tournament in 12th place. Still a great effort from what was basically a beginners team. Nice work guys!

Thanks to all the Hawks who stepped up and made the trip, and thanks also to the Man Uni, Hallam Uni and Sheffield Uni girls who helped us out all day – we couldn’t have done it without them.

(For the record, Hallam Uni 1 won the tournament, beating Sheffield City in the final.)