Leicester, 2018

What a marvellous tournament. Especially if you’re as big a fan of colour-coding as I am. Notes were taken for the future Hawks Tournament! Thanks to Colin for the report.

Leicester tournament took place on Saturday 14th July and we headed down with a team short of two girls. The day got off to a strong start with George holding up the car on the way down by sleeping in. Luckily I added extra time to the journey, assuming Tom Lee would be late on the tram. Finally on the road we were hit with another set back as I was unable to work the card machine at the M6 toll and had to phone customer services. I wasn’t best pleased when the solution was “See where your hand is. Put the card in the card slot right below it.” Sufficiently annoyed at myself and ever so slightly embarrassed, we were back on the road and made it down in good time.

Borrowing girls from Lancs Old Boys and Manchester Korfball Club, we had a tough morning. Losses to Hallam 1, Birmingham City 1, and Cardiff City, and draws with Birmingham Uni and MKC put us in the second to bottom group for the afternoon. The first game of the afternoon saw us drawn against Abingdon Atoms, a team we met twice the previous weekend in Slovakia. A guest goal, two goals from Charlotte, and some really nice play between the boys resulting in a goal for George, saw us grab our first win of the day. Game two was a lot more physical yet we came out winners with the second 4-3 win on the bounce. With high spirits we had a couple of games to rest before our last two of the day. The break was clearly too much for us and our momentum was gone. Two narrow defeats ended the day for us and we set off on the long journey home with a quick pit stop for iced coffee to keep us awake.